Singed Flower Accessories

These singed flower accessories are so cute and are so easy to make! They are very versatile and can be worn in the hair, as a broach, or added to a longer layered necklace to add some personality! I made several around Christmas time for friends and family (and some for myself) and I am planning on making many more in different color combos and styles. There are several tutorials online that I read before I made them but I will share how I made them and what is needed so you too can create these lovely pieces of flair!

Wear them in the front for some accessorizing or...

Clip one in the back by a pony or bun!

I love the look of tulle/lace between layers to add dimension!

Right now I'm all about birds and feathers and I love the look of a few feathers added to this clip.

The smaller cream flower here has some added texture throughout the 'petals' or layers. To create this look, hold the middle of the circle over the flame (at a safe distance to where it WON'T catch on fire!) and remove when the fabric starts to curl or become indented.

This craft is pretty simple! What you will need:
*Fabric (coordinate colors as you wish...I have used satin, organza, and tulle which all seem to work well)
*Beads of your choice (I love to use pearls)
*Tealight candle to singe edges of fabric to prevent fraying
*Scissors, needle and thread, hot glue gun or other adhesive, felt circles, hair clip/bobby pins or safety pin

1. Cut the fabric in varying sizes of circles (you will want large, medium, and small sizes so that they stack nicely on top of each other while still being able to see each layer...the size you make depends on your taste--big and bold or small and dainty).
2. With the tealight, singe the edges of the circles so that the fabric will not fray and so the fabric will curl UP. You want to do this carefully so the fabric does not catch on fire. I just put the fabric over the flame and went around the edges until all were singed. Stack the layers into the order you would like your flower.
3. Use clear thread, or thread to coordinate with the colors of fabric and sew the bead into the middle of the flower, going through all layers of fabric. Repeat several times so that the bead is securely fastened.
4. Using the hot glue gun or other adhesive, attach the hair clip (if desired). I slid the felt in between a bobby pin or hair clip then squeezed hot glue onto the side of a felt circle and then attached to the flower. One side of the pin/clip should be wedged between the flower and the felt piece to stay secure.