Beauty or Beau Gender Reveal Party

Beauty or Beau...
Soon We'll know!!!

My husband and I have tried for 5 years to conceive and now that we have we wanted every milestone to be celebrated! We decided that we both wanted to know the gender of our firstborn, but we still wanted the element of surprise so we decided to throw a Gender Reveal Party so that we along with our family and closest friends, could find out the sex of our Baby Love together!

The cake! This held the answer to our question: Beauty or Beau?!? Boy or Girl?!? Little Miss or Little Mister?!?

The menu consisted of Mama Bird's cravings...this made for exciting leftovers!
We had two versions of Pasta Salad...

Lasagna Bites..a spin on the traditional Lasagna thanks to Pinterest! We also had Homemade Pizza rolls (a version was ham and pineapple, thank you).
Party size Raspberry/Strawberry Greek Yogurt and Granola Parfait!
Pretty Pink Lemonade..this was pretty amazing! Mmm..I'm craving some right now!
Pretty Lemonade Mason jars with Barber pole straws and tags..Life's little pleasures:)

We went with a pretty powder pink, blue, and gray color scheme and made it all about Baby Love being a Beauty or Beau.

I bought a topiary and cut tissue paper in squares to cover. I used pearl push pins to adhere the tissue paper to the topiary.

I love whimsical banners and chose to use a banner as the cake topper! We also used the same cake cutting/serving set that we used for our wedding 8 years ago to cut into the cake.

A friend of mine made double chocolate cake pops covering in White candy icing. These were pretty amazing!

Everyone took a bow or bow-tie to show their Team Pink or Team Blue support!

We asked for all of our guests to take a 'bow or bow-tie' and strike a pose to show whether they thought our baby would be a boy or girl. They also gave their baby name recommendations which were pretty funny to read!

Will our baby being wearing bow-ties...

Or pretty bows?!? Keep looking to finally know!

Brent and I both thought Baby Love was a little Beauty...
I bought the gray fabric and adhered it to a foldable poster board as the backdrop!

Cake pops!

I created the invites using Adobe. I scanned scrapbook paper and modified it to use as the background.
The icing was blue! We are having a Little Mister!