Fabulous 50th Birthday Party

My friend, Tasha, and I created a candy bar and decorations for my aunt Shelia's Fabulous 50th Birthday party. Shelia loves bling and bright colors which we incorporated into much of the party. We created a candy bar using candy from the decade she was born and threw in some classics as well (such as M&M's and Hershey's Kisses). We wanted to use red, hot pink, orange, and yellow as the main colors. We got a lot of inspiration as well as the template for the candy signs/etc. from Hostess with the Mostess (awesome blog, I recommend for you to visit!)

I had several apothecary jars that we used for the candy table--I love the curvy design and ornate lids!

I love the bling on these candy signs..again inspiration from HWTM!

We had cards for guests to write wishes or memories and place on the whimsical wish trees!

Just a tip--Get a sample copy of your color PRINTED before creating/editing every document using that color! The computer screen and printer ink is not the same. I wanted the main colors to be Hot Pink and Black, but when printed the signs turned out red (see the pictures above). We went with it since red was a color we were working with, but I would have liked to seen more pink.

This is the whole table including the cake! A friend of my aunt's made it and did a wonderful job! In the end, I wish we would have added more yellow and orange to the candy and decor to have matched the cake better,  but she still loved it!

This was a lot of fun to make! I found facts from the year Shelia was born and put it onto a card and gave to the guests along with their candy boxes!